Westshore Glass supply and install windows and glass doors to suit all building designs.  Choose from a range of different window styles and aluminium frame designs.  Whether it’s a new construction, remodelling renovations or old window replacements – we’ll help you pick the right solution for style, function, acoustics and energy efficiency.



We supply Wintec Aluminium – Australia’s leading Window and Door Systems. They feature quality seals & hardware components for maximum energy efficiency, sound control and weather performance.

The right windows, frames and seals can help keep the heat out in the harsh Mid West summer and the keep the cold out in our mild winters. This will in turn help reduce your heating and cooling costs – reducing your carbon footprint.

Talk to us about energy efficient windows for your home or business.

If your home or premises is exposed to road traffic, air traffic or industrial noise, or your office needs sound proof rooms and quiet spaces, we can help you choose the right windows to shut out the noise.

Having windows that can withstand strong winds and flying debris is particularly important for our customers in Carnarvon.

We can supply laminated safety glass at varying thicknesses to keep you home or building protected. If broken, the laminate keeps the window watertight without tearing or breaking the window envelope.

When choosing windows you need to factor in more than just the initial cost of purchasing and installing your new or replacement windows. You also need to consider the ongoing costs of energy efficiency. Choosing the right windows can reduce your power bills – particularly during the hot summer months.


  • Perenjori Shire

    Early Childhood Centre Partitioning

  • Ocean Centre Hotel Geraldton

    Bathroom Renovations – 57 units

  • GBSC

    Various residential & commercial projects

  • CBH Group

    Geraldton Office Alterations & Additions

  • Bid Sky Developments

    Various residential projects

  • a2z dental clinic

    Office Extensions

  • 360 health + community

    Geraldton Office Partitioning

  • Shire of Northampton

    Horrocks Community Centre

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